Building Evidence to Improve Practice & Health
Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan, and Research Priorities

AOTF Vision: 

We envision a vibrant science that builds knowledge to support effective, evidence-based occupational therapy.

AOTF Mission: 

To advance the science of occupational therapy to support people's full participation in meaningful life activities. 

AOTF Strategic Plan FY 2017-2019

Strategic Objective 1:   Significantly increase the research workforce prepared to address questions of importance to occupational therapy.

Strategic Objective 2:   Support research that advances knowledge in areas of critical need to the OT profession, in particular, efforts that address the priorities identified by the Foundation. 

Strategic Objective 3:    Facilitate effective dissemination and translation of research-based knowledge to support people's full participation in meaningful life activities and quality of life.

Strategic Objective 4:    Significantly increase the number of donors and levels of funding for our research programs to support achieving our mission.   

Approved October 2016. 

AOTF Research Priorities

AOTF announced research priorities in October 2015 to work toward its vision of having a vibrant science that builds knowledge to support effective,evidence-based occupational therapy. These research priorities emerged from a year-long process which included a comprehensive review of the strategic plans of federal agencies and major foundations, deliberations by the AOTF Scientific Advisory Council, and input from AOTF's key stakeholder groups. 

AOTF research initiatives will address:

  • Health behaviors to prevent and manage chronic conditions 

  • Functional cognition

  • Safety and injury prevention in home, clinical and community settings

  • Technology and environmental supports in home and community 

  • Development and transitions for individuals and families

  • Emotional and physiological influences

  • Family and caregiver needs

  • Health care experience: access, care coordination, utilization