Intervention Research Grant Recipients
 2017 Evan Dean
University of Kansas
Supporting Employment Through Self-determination for Young Adults with ASD 
  Leah Stein Duker
University of Southern California
Environmental Barriers for Adults with ASD During Primary Care Health Encounters
  Kathleen Lyons
Dartmouth College

Supporting Caregivers of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Patients: A Feasibility Study of the Ready to CARE program

  Maureen Russell
Northern Arizona University
Sleep Interventions for Caregivers and Their Young Children in Part C Programs
  Heather Williamson
Northern Arizona University
Health Equity for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
 2016 Mary Khetani
University of Illinois at Chicago
Feasibility Test of a Pediatric Web-Based Care Planning Guide
  Mansha Mirza
University of Illinois at Chicago
Piloting an Occupational Therapy Intervention in a Primary Care Clinic
  Juleen Rodakowski
University of Pittsburgh
Empowering Caregivers after Stroke
 2015 Winifred Dunn
University of Kansas Medical Center
Feasibility of Telehealth Coaching for Rural Families of Children with Autism
  Simone Gill
Boston University
Use of Motor Learning Principles to Reduce Fall Risks After Surgical Weight Loss
  Jessica Kramer
Boston University
An Environment Problem-Solving Strategy for Patients of Youth with Disabilities
  Elizabeth Larson
University of Wisconsin-Madison
5Minutes4Myself: Motivational Occupational Coaching & Mindfulness for Caregivers
  Susan Magasi
University of Illinois at Chicago
Negotiating the Healthcare System: a Peer-OT Lead Intervention
  Stacey Reynolds
Virginia Commonwealth University
Effects of Deep Pressure on Arousal and Performance in Person with Autism
  Roseann Schaaf
Thomas Jefferson University
Testing Outcomes of a Manualized OT Intervention for Children with Autism
 2014 Erin R. Foster
Washington University School of Medicine
Feasibility and Optimization of a Cognitive Intervention for Parkinson Disease
  Sandy Magaña
University of Illinois at Chicago
Promoting Participation Among Latino Children with ASD
  Beth Pfeiffer
Temple University
Manualization of an Intervention to Improve Work Environments for Adults with ASD
  Arlene Schmid
Colorado State University 
Merging Yoga and group Occupational Therapy (MY-OT)
  Mary Ellen Stoykov
Rush University
Bilateral Priming for Upper Extremity Hemiparesis in Older Adults