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Dissertation Research Grant Program
The Dissertation Research Grants program has been discontinued.

The Dissertation Research Grant Program of the Institute for the Study of Occupation and Health represented one of AOTF's many investments in building the careers of scientists in the field of occupational therapy. Based in part upon the structure of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grant application, this program was unique to the field of occupational therapy as it specifically sought to promote the development of qualified occupational therapy researchers enrolled in programs that value strong mentorship and whose careers are dedicated to advancing science in occupational therapy. These grants were available to occupational therapists whose dissertation research directly contributed to the AOTA-AOTF Occupational Therapy Research Agenda. 

Dissertation Research Grant Recipients

 2006 Dory Marken
University of Kentucky
Attitudes and beliefs of grandmothers raising grandchildren in their provision of nutrition
  Edward McAnanama
University of Toronto
Investigating metamemory mechanisms in schizophrenia by manipulating events at memory retrieval
  Eynat Shevil
University of Illinois at Chicago
Developing and pilot testing a cognitive intervention program for persons with multiple sclerosis
  Sarah Austin
University of Illinois at Chicago
Hierarchies of abilities and activity demands in assessments associated with the cognitives disabilities model: A validity study
  Jessica Kramer
University of Illinois at Chicago
Understanding disabled children's competence and value for everyday activities 
2007  Marie-Christine Potvin
McGill University
Intensity, variety and type of recreational activities in school age children with high functioning autism
  Shirley An Wells
University of Texas HSC
Occupational performance among Mexican-Americans living on hemodialysis in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas
  Kayoko Takahashi
Boston University
Behavior in Parkinson's disease as related to self-efficacy and outcome expectancy
  Dianne Rios
Boston University 
Activity patterns of young children: An ecocultural perspective
  Kimberly A. Szucs
Ohio State University 
Three dimensional clavicle rotations and shoulder kinematics: A Possible key link in subacromial impingement
  Weltha Jane Grant 
Temple University
Mindfulness, expertise, and decision making: The potential of mindfulness to benefit occupational and physical therapy practice
2008  Mary Lou Liebold
University of Pittsburgh 
Applying selective optimization with compensation to older adults recovering from depression
  Pai-Chuan Huang
Tufts University 
Facial expressiveness and social quality of life in Parkinson's disease: A Rapport mediated model
  Anne Leslie Vaughan
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Executive function in daily life: Age-related influences of executive processes on instrumental activities of daily living 
  Jeanine Martin Blanchard
University of Southern California 
A mixed-methods study of older adults in a Lifestyle Redesign® program
  Elizabeth Ann Pyatak
University of Southern California 
Diabetes management in the everyday lives of emerging adults
  Gwen Weinstock-Zlotnick
New York University 
How occupational therapists specializing in hand therapy consider participation during initial evaluation: A look at diagnostic reasoning
  Scott Anthony Trudeau
Tufts University
Elder perceptions of higher education and successful aging
  Sue Elizabeth Berger  Leisure time participation among older adults with low vision
  Meryl Marger Picard
Seton Hall University 
The effects of tai chi on cancer-related fatigue, grip strength, and quality of life in breast cancer survivors
2009  Rebecca Aldrich 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Discouraged workers' daily occupational: Exploring complex transactions in the experience of unemployment
  Mary Alunkel Khetani
Boston University 
Characteristics and correlates of participation in home and community life among families receiving Part C Early Intervention
  Melissa (Hsin-Yu) Kuo
Boston University
Time Use Study of Adolescents with an autism spectrum disorder: Media and friends 
2010  Karen Atler
Colorado State University
Assessing the convergent and consequential validity of the daily experiences of pleasure, productivity, and restoration profile
  Tracy Chippendale
New York University
The effects of life review through writing on depressive symptoms and life satisfaction in older adults
  Karen Harpster
Ohio State University 
Examining sensory processing in young children with and without early signs of autism during the second year of life
  Young Joo Kim
University of Pittsburgh 
Functional outcomes II
  Shawn Phipps
Touro University 
The effect of cerebral palsy on self-care, mobility, and social function
  Rosa Roman-Oyola
Virginia Commonwealth University 
Sensory modulation disorder in Puerto Rican preschoolers: Associated risk factors
 2011 Aaron Bonsall
University of Southern California
Fathering occupations: An ethnographic study at the intersection of gender and disability
  Lauren Little
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Home and community actives: Dimension and associations with patterns of sensory response among children with autism spectrum disorders
  Tracy Mroz
Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
Rehabilitation therapy provision in home health to medicare beneficiaries: Relationships between patient factors, agency factors, therapy intensity and outcomes 


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